Miles - Pendant

Category: Luminares

Design Mikko Pakkanen 2009

Miles is a single-LED ceiling lamp for concentrated illumination of a small area. The various parts of the fixture form a seamless whole, from its unified colour to its form and energy-efficiency. The woven cord drops seamlessly from the ceiling cup and ends in a small, horn-shaped shade. The shade and ceiling cup are aluminium. In addition to black, Miles is available in golden yellow, silver, and red. Miles has been designed to last: its parts are replaceable.

Jazz and small, beautiful-sounding bells are the inspiration behind the Miles fixture. Despite its small size, Miles is a surprisingly big lamp. A highpowered LED is used as the source of light. The versatile Miles is equally suitable as an individual spot or in groups or series, and for both homes and public spaces.

Miles is designed by Finnish designer Mikko Paakkanen who has been affected in many different kind of areas where top design is needed in last years.