End Fittings

Category: Fiber Lighting

The illumination system using optical fibre consists of three separate parts, with which the desired lighting solution can be realized.


  • By choosing the specific type of projector, the desired amount of light can be produced.


  • Through the chosen type of fibre, suitable for the purpose of use, the light is transported from the projector to the desired point.
  • The type of fibre used can be chosen from among glass, plastic and lateral fibres.


  • The desired result is completed by the furniture of choice.

Optical fibre has many good qualities. The fibres do not conduct heat, electricity or UV rays, which makes it possible to bring the light close to the object to be illuminated. In addition, the fibres are small and flexible, and they endure demanding conditions. Also, the fibre itself does not require any maintenance, as all maintenance is done through the projector.