Power supply and control of LED lights. There are different connecting devices, or drivers, and they are controlled in a different way.

The most common are:

  • Normal driver, on / off
  • Drivers dimmable with a separate potentiometer
  • Dimmable drivers operated with 0 - 10 V control
  • Interface devices operated with a push button
  • DMX-controlled drivers
  • Dali - controlled drivers
  • The driver may also be placed inside of a fixture
  • Drivers can be found in a wide supply area, including low-voltage

Transformers, or PSUs

  • The normal voltage range of a PSU is DC 12/24V
  • Dimmable modules operated with 0-10V control
  • Modules operated with a push button
  • DMX-controlled PSUs / modules
  • Dali-controlled PSUs / modules
  • Transformers are available in the range of 30W to 200W