KL Light Profile

Category: Track Lighting

The KL light profile is an aluminum U-profile, measuring 20x20mm or 20x14mm, which is made to size. The light fixture can be made with both a LED light strip and 3W power LEDs. The power supply is determined by the selected light source. The light fixture is available with a clear or opal flap for protection against splashing water (IP44) and dust. Profile mounting options include a U-bracket, magnetic or screw mounting.

The light profile is equipped with suitable optics that enables so-called wall-washing. Due to its small size, the light is suitable for both handrail and railing lighting. By placing the lights in a row, the illuminated area may be long, if necessary.

In shelf lighting, the light fixture is placed on the front edge of the shelf with shelf brackets. When installed in this way, the light is spread evenly across the entire shelf.

The KL lamp is very suitable, for example, in lighting a work surface when placed on a lower surface of a cabinet. The light profile's structure limits the output of the light, focusing the light only to the working level.

The profile can be equipped with a cable clamp, whereby the light profile becomes a hanging lamp.